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Confederation of Italian Entrepreneurs Worldwide - North America

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CIIM Italy - Headquarters

The headquarters for Confederazione degli Italiani nel Mondo (CIIM - Confederation of Italian Entrepreneurs Worldwide) is in Rome, Italy. CIIM Italy establishes operational guidelines and acts as the coordinating point for CIIM chapters around the world.

CIIM North America - Coordinating Committee

CIIM North America is a coordinating committee for CIIM Canada, CIIM Mexico, and CIIM USA. The committee was established to facilitate the flow of information and communications and to assist in coordinating activities of the respective chapters in the North American Free Trade Association (NAFTA) market area. The officers of the committee are designated by the local chapters and appointed for a period of two consecutive years.

CIIM Canada Corp

CIIM Canada is a non-profit corporation registered in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

CIIM Mexico Corp

CIIM Mexico is a non-profit corporation registered in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico.


CIIM USA is a non-profit corporation registered in New York, NY USA.

Local Chapters

CIIM Canada, CIIM Mexico and CIIM USA may open local chapters in strategic cities of their individual countries and register to do business in the provinces or states of the local chapters. The bureaucratic and financial aspects of the operations of the local chapters are administered by the corporation to which the chapter makes reference to.