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Bi-lingual Credit Analyst Opportunity

Posted or updated on 10/25/2007

• Prepares credit proposals in the required formats during varying stages of a credit relationship, including: when a deal greenlight memo is required for CTI Management in-principle concurrence, when a transaction is being presented for credit approval either as a new exposure or a refinancing, at the administrative renewal date, and when amendments and waivers are requested.

• Manages the workflow to ensure that transaction deadlines are met, administrative review of credit files are promptly made, credit proposal quality remains of good standard, and sufficient time is allocated for the credit proposal to go through Bank’s approval process.

• Maintains a sufficient knowledge/understanding and updates himself on the changes with regards the Bank’s credit approval process, lending delegation matrix, various risk policy mandates and all other related policies and guidelines.

• Possesses adequate working knowledge of the Bank’s internally developed models/tools relative to risk ratings, recovery rates, and risk adjusted returns and ensures accuracy or reasonableness of data inputted when using said models.

• Uses efficiently and effectively all available resources (i.e. financial statements, research reports, external rating agency reports, deal book, newspaper articles, etc…) creating a clear synthesis rather than a mere presentation of compiled data.

Victoria @ 212-841-3962

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Opportunity submitted by the following individual of BNP Paribas

Recruiting Partner 
Victoria Lynn Heimann

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