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Confederation of Italian Entrepreneurs Worldwide - North America

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Other Events

In this page we provide a list of conferences, expos and cultural events that may be of interest.

Title Date City State Country
The Confederation of Italian Entrepreneurs Worldwide and Ideagora’ present : Annual round table: Sharing ideas and new prospectives with a pool of graduate and undergraduate Italian students visiting NY for the UN simulations.   04/02/12  New York City  NY  United States 
ALMA   01/26/11  New York  NY  United States 
Nanoforum VI Edition  06/16/10  Turin    Italy 
Investing in Renewables : Bottom Line for the Planet (TM)  05/28/08  Chicago  IL  United States 
The 46th Annual 2007 Washington Boat Show  02/06/08  Washington  DC  United States 
Informex USA  01/29/08  San Francisco  CA  United States 
Goldense Group, Inc.'s Product Development Metrics Summit to be held January 29-31, 2008 in metro Boston.   01/29/08  boston  MA  United States 
Cycle World International Motorcycle Show  01/25/08  Cleveland  OH  United States 
Cleveland Boat & Waterfront Lifestyle Expo  01/11/08  Cleveland  OH  United States 
IEEE GLOBECOM 2007  11/26/07  Washington  DC  United States 
Government Video & Technology Expo 2007  11/14/07  Washington  DC  United States 
World Bussiness Forum  10/10/07  New York City  NY  United States 
Midwest Snow & Ice Control  09/25/07  Cleveland  OH  United States 
"ITALIAN STYLE 2007"  09/20/07  CHICAGO  IL  United States 
MAGIC Marketplace - Fashion and apparel trade show  08/27/07  Las Vegas  NV  United States 
Premiére Vision  07/18/07  New York  NY  United States 
Wireless and Mobile Expo and Conference  07/17/07  Toronto  ON  Canada 
Semicon West 2007  07/16/07  San Francisco  CA  United States 
Buildings New York - Trade  06/27/07  New York  NY  United States 
American Water Works Association Annual Conference & Exposition  06/24/07  Toronto  ON  Canada 
EECO 2007  06/19/07  Toronto  ON  Canada 
Nanotech 2007  05/20/07  Santa Clara  CA  United States 
International Contemporary Furniture Fair - Trade  05/19/07  New York  NY  United States 
Pharma Finance 2007  05/10/07  Rome    Italy 
Coface 2007 Country Risk Invitation,pdf  05/09/07  NYC  NY  United States 
Reunion of Politecnico of Milan Alumni in US  05/09/07  nyc  NY  United States 
16th International World Wide Web Conference  05/08/07  Banff  AB  Canada 
MODA Manhattan  05/06/07  New York  NY  United States 
Bio International Convention  05/06/07  Boston  MA  United States 
Interwire 2007  05/05/07  Cleveland  OH  United States 
Sweets Expo  05/03/07  Toronto  ON  Canada 
American Institute of Architects Convention  05/03/07  San Antonio  TX  United States 
Construction Expo 2007  05/01/07  New York  NY  United States 
IT 360  04/30/07  Toronto  ON  Canada 
Ontario Transportation Expo  04/23/07  Toronto  ON  Canada 
Italian Investor Conference 2007  04/18/07  Boston  MA  United States 
Italian Investor Conference 2007  04/16/07  New York  NY  United States 
Nano Business Conference 2007  04/15/07  New York  NY  United States 
International Window Coverings EXPO  04/11/07  Washington  DC  United States 
16th Annual International Franchise Expo  03/30/07  Washington  DC  United States 
PerEL 2007 - 3rd IEEE International Workshop on PervasivE Learning  03/19/07  New York  NY  United States 
Food Safety & Security Summit  03/06/07  Washington  DC  United States