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Thursday November 9, 2006

First CIIM USA Conference: Seven new chapters added, Unveiled web portal, Announced upcoming worldwide conference

On November 8, 2006, the Confederation of Italian Entrepreneurs Worldwide (Confederazione degli Imprenditori Italiani nel Mondo - CIIM) held its first CIIM USA conference in New York City (see photo album). CIIM USA is part of the global network of CIIM Italy, an organization created in 2004 under the Minister for Italians Living Abroad, which aggregates Italian entrepreneurs worldwide to create synergies between businesses in Italy and abroad.

In his opening remarks, Tomaso Veneroso, President of CIIM USA, noted that active participation of its members has been, and will continue to be, key to the success of CIIM USA. In fact, entrepreneurs within the confederation have frequently suggested programs and initiatives and actively help implementing them. In a video message, Giuseppe Zamberletti, President of CIIM Italy, recognized the need for "synergies among Italian entrepreneurs doing business in Italy and abroad, and for collaboration to achieve excellence and efficiency when entering or expanding to global markets".

Marco Casella, Vice President of CIIM USA, unveiled a plan to expand CIIM's presence in the North American regions, announcing the opening of seven new chapters in the USA by the end of 2007, including Miami and Detroit by the end of 2006.

Francesco de Leo, Executive Vice President of CIIM USA and President of CIIM Washington, DC, unveiled CIIM North America's web portal (, an online resource of information and services developed to maintain a dynamic relationship between CIIM and its members. Among the services is an online business directory and a business opportunities database, which is made available to members and partially to guests.

The event program included a roundtable seminar where Alessio Cioni, Board of Advisors for CIIM USA, presented and facilitated the discussion regarding "tools for managing the risk of monetary exchange". This workshop was very well received by the attendees who contributed to the discussion with their own experiences, questions and considerations.

During closing remarks, Leonardo Kosarew, President of CIIM Canada and President of the Coordinating Committee for North America, acknowledged the excellent work of CIIM USA and announced the upcoming worldwide CIIM conference, which will take place in Toronto in May 2007.

Other members of the Board of Advisors for CIIM USA who made this event possible are Sonja Dettori, Luca Cordelli, and Andrea Volpe.