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Sunday March 4, 2007

Made in Italy Exports of 2007: Italian cloathing and leather on the rise

January followed the positive streak of the previews year

Export 2007 numbers are still growing. “General exporting followed expectations as January’s numbers matched the encouraging ones from the previews year - 2006 closed the market with a positive 12% towards extra Ue countries.” Assocamerestero commented in a recent report.

“In order to eliminate competition of the United States and other European countries we have to root ourselves more profoundly in our own territory to find out specifically what is to grasp to we haven’t discovered yet” Added the general director of the association Gaetano Fausto Esposito.

About the production fields, he continued. “We are registering a big increase in mechanics, with an increment of 19% compared to the 8.7% of last year, and that of electrical appliances with an 11% in the year 2007 over a 3.8% in 2006. Typical Italian Products Made in Italy also made a jump: Italian clothing and leather are invading the North American market while agro alimentary products are still the leaders. A clear way to not only keep up these numbers but to also conquer this type of foreign trade, including emerging markets, we have to become a team - a solid entity.”

The official data concerning wine exports are not still available, but on the U.S. market our products are scattering competition. It’s what reveals CIA (Agriculturists Italian Confederation), after the diffusion of data by the Italian Food & Wine Institute concerning the overcoming of the threshold of one billion euros in the U.S. exports.

This result is obtained in a very different worldwide context for what concerns competition.

We have to remember that Spain was a worldwide leader in exports in 2005 with 15.8 million hectolitres, followed by Italy with 15.7 million hectolitres and France with 15.5 million hectolitres.

Results that will be almost the same also in 2006, where Italy could be the first in exports with over 16 million hectoliters.

According to CIA, such result derives from small and medium enterprises, which have attracted the curiosity of the American and worldwide consumers with their DOC wines, native vines and, above all, a quality-price balance, culture, tradition and typicalness of the products.