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Friday March 9, 2007

Minister Flaherty conveys approval over Galassi and Kosarew’s project.

The agreement CIIM-CONFAPI sealed during March 9th Conference by Minister of Canadian Finances’ intervention.  


TORONTO – An appointment for positive future perspectives   


“A great opportunity for made in Italy. A unique occasion for Italian firms with the possibility of a better future”.

 After the agreement between Confapi and CIIM, only words of satisfaction by President of Small and Medium Enterprises Paolo Galassi - confirming his great optimism for the Waterfront idea and above all his satisfaction for Federal Minister Flaherty’s nod on the proposal.

“I would say that our dream is on its way to being realized – says Galassi. “It is our intension to maintain a close relationship with CIIM therefore it was to our best interest to seal this agreement of alliance and one of our goals will be to commit ourselves in allowing various portions of contracts to fall onto Italian firms’ laps. Our main goal is to mark this project as an Italian symbol: with Kosarew on our side, the quality of products by small and medium Italian enterprises will notably render the Waterfront of Toronto unique in its genre. It’s an opportunity we cannot ignore” – Galassi goes on – “I would also say that our work is so well established that we have already captured the attention of many firms, in Brianza mostly. With Kosarew we want to open a new contracting cycle on the Italy-Canada axis and this could be the first great step towards a new strategy, powered by Confapi-CIIM and aided by Canadian Institutions redirecting the Italian market towards an epochal change. For this reason our agreement was final – alongside Tomaso Veneroso of CIIM USA we also think the same can be accomplished with the United States, forming a unique-great working team between Italian enterprises and the whole Nafta area.” The Italian Entrepreneurs Confederation of Canada has given birth to the first official meeting, launching programs and activities by a valiant group of entrepreneurs in the name of Italianism with the intent of building a new business concept and aim predominantly at the Italy-North America axis.

Last March 9th, eager to invest in a territory full of resources such as Canada, current CIIM Canada President Leonardo Kosarew hosted and directed, with the help of his Executive Vice President Luca Viscardi,  an important event for the development of Sistema Italia and others, opening the doors to the North American world of small and medium Italian enterprises.

The conference saw a gathering of excellent names along with political and institutional figures, such as the Italian General Consul of Toronto Emanuele Punzo - delegated to open the meeting underlining the important historical bond between Canada and Italy and citing the reality of the matter that cannot be forgotten “Today’s Canada owes a lot to yesterday’s Italians, to their sacrifices and their working spirit”.

Naturally the focal point of the subject could not been avoided either: the important commercial bond between Italy and Canada, the great expectations on the “create business’ concept and the symbiosis among the respective parts in the matter. Comparisons and differences: a careful and detailed analysis offered by CIIM during the Conference is in many ways set to approach the infinite possibilities this historical bridge can offer.

Starting from Made in Italy - along with its potentials and in its indebt definition – passing through the new channels in which the small and medium enterprises will have to intervene upon and finally finishing off with the possibilities that North American firms and entrepreneurs will be able to profit from in the Italian territory while Italy will benefit from people belonging in the North American CIIM acquiring a significant jump to permanently surmount the problems they have been buried under recently. Not only for a better production of its products but to also create that concept of superiority and confidence in investing with Italy. This is the reason why institutions and popular individuals of Canada and Italy have picked up on the importance of CIIM and all of North America CIIM.

The reporter set to carry this project of analysis and comparison between the Italian System and the Nafta Area was Vice President CIIM Washington - Philip Ellis.

The stage was filled with North American CIIM reporters of different provenience creating a sign of synergy among the entity of CIIM in North America: present in fact were the representing American offices of the group as well as the new structures of Cleveland, Santa Monica and Mexico City.

The result of the report presented by Ellis highlighted how Canada, under a contracting point of view, encloses a large scale of opportunities: investing in Canada for Italian businessmen today it means to deal with a Country that hasn’t encountered the word crisis in its vocabulary as well as being distant from bureaucratic obstacles.

Other interventions are worth mentioning: Vice President CIIM Canada  and President Clover Insurance Group, Walter Simone led the crowd through a travel analysis towards the Canadian managers and entrepreneurs of Italian descent.

Who are they, and how are the people who have chosen to move away from home lived their lives in the new acquired territory up until now.

Consolidating their passions, their capabilities, their willingness they have contributed on enriching Canada culturally as well as industrially.

The volcanic presentation by ILICA President Vincenzo Marra, has given light to how CIIM, aside their economical projects, may also work in favor of new generations: because it symbolizes ideas for new emigrations, new Italian travelers chosen by North America to accomplish their professional endeavors. The Confederation symbolizes the so called ‘eloping minds’ factor, meaning that behind CIIM there are numbers of young people that have found professional and nurturing nest in foreign countries outside their own and on the other hand the people of CIIM don’t forget about yesterday’s emigrants.

The main focus of the conference was of course the speech by Canadian Minister Flaherty, illustrious presence of the evening, to manifest his support on CIIM’s activities and to conclude the agreement with Confapi. 




 “A substantial support towards a unique signal.”

These are the words of Minister Flaherty at the CIIM Conference held on March 9th during a progressive speech which goes into aiding the general beliefs of all the involved people towards the CIIM project at hand.

Jim Flaherty, Minister of Economy, believes in the collaboration between Italy and Canada.

“We will lower taxes on Industries - he says – because it is our intension to open the doors of Canada to the ‘Italian MPI’, to the medium enterprises which will subsequently find fertility in this land in matters of investments and which will find in Canada a constant allied and friend - in the name of those Italians who have made Canada grand and shared a long lasting friendship set to bring greatness for both countries.”




Secret of a brilliant success. We are referring to the agreement between Confapi and CIIM to operate as partners on the Nafta Market. It was the Confapi group to announce it on a note, understating that the agreement will consent 50.000 small and medium Italian enterprises to ‘create the system’ with 150.000 North American firms.

The CIIM Canada Conference was set specifically to seal and conclude the agreement as was rendered in the end. Confapi doors will be opened in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles.

The main objective was to let the Italian PMI of “made in Italy” participate with the Waterfront Project for the rehabilitation and re-qualification of lake-shores as well as parkways of Toronto’s Waterfront, in the underutilized 20 Km cost-line situated close to the lower part of the largest city of Canada. The Waterfront project of Toronto is one of the biggest urban programs in North America and is estimated to a value of 25 billion dollars.




It was concealed mostly from Kosarew’s idea along with some his valiant colleagues’, an idea which has taken over Paolo Galassi’s heart as well, Confapi’s number one who has decided to carry through the Waterfront project along with the collaboration with his Confapi team and CIIM.

It is an ambitious project: talks of reestablishing Toronto’s coast line have been spoken for quite a while and its revamp will apparently change the metropolis’ connotations.

So why not build a waterfront with the hands of Italian entities? Why not allow Italian entrepreneurs in the restructuring of one of the most important pieces of the city of Toronto? Inserting Italian contracting in this project it means bringing intelligence, enthusiasm, materials of higher quality - counting on prime Italian resources, not bricks nor cement which are easily found in Canada, like Galassi said, but those products missing for the Canadian territory such as the ones found in the hand-made trade.

Therefore which better occasion to inaugurate CIIM’s activity in order to consent the Italian firms to participate in Toronto’s restructuring, with all the economical advantages it carries?

Kosarew’s words in the matter are meant to demonstrate how believing in something pays off in the end: “We have initiated a series of important conversations and relations to make sure the Waterfront idea does not remain as such. Words will be followed by facts.” It has been repeatedly said in the past as it will be constantly proven in the future: CIIM’s spirit means North American concreteness followed by Italian style.   


The presentation of CIIM North America website by Francesco de Leo, President of CIIM Washington


The future is in the web. It is within internet. A future already in motion that CIIM North America wants to follow as well. Keep up with time in order to

support contacts between Italian and foreign contractors, to create a true service portal by the name of CIIM, to build business proposal for partners, to show the world explicit activities by the Italian Entrepreneurs Confederation of North America, to create news in finance-economy in the North America axis enticing critics from all over therefore allowing the CIIM site to work perfectly. All this is - all the CIIM world in just a click. 


The Conference, sponsored by Scotia Bank and Collins Barrow Vaughan, ended with a magnificent buffet at Toula Restaurant.