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Thursday June 14, 2007

New York Round Table: The competitiveness of Italian companies in today's global market place

The New York Round Table held by the Confederation of Italian Entrepreneurs Worldwide (CIIM) was successfully held on the evening of Wednesday June 13, 2007, at the Merrill Lynch Conference & Client Center. The main objective of this conference was to gather entrepreneurs from various Italian industries to discuss and exchange ideas on the competitiveness of Italian companies in today’s global market.

The event was organized by Andrea Volpe, of Coface North America, and moderated by Marco Casella, Vice President of Merrill Lynch Global Private Client.  Guest speakers for the event included Tommaso Bruso, CEO of Fedon America, Inc; Alfredo D’Innocenzo, Managing Director of De Cecco USA; Davide Sereni, Executive V. P of Bormioli Rocco USA; and Tomaso Veneroso, President of Am Cast.  Speaker shared their own experience and thoughts on how Italian entrepreneurs like themselves can excel in the competition from other companies operating in emerging and lower cost countries such as China and Turkey.

Various concerns, ranging from issues dealing with goods transportation, product labeling marketing, to production quality were raised. Many guests attending the event expressed similar concerns and further encouraged the discussion by contributing their own views and ideas towards solving these issues.

While the quality and designs of Italian goods continuously improve and prosper, the cheap labor and mass production give countries like China a competitive edge in the global market. Many businessmen, however, not only view China as a production tycoon, but they also see it as a land of opportunity for business sales and a target for future marketing.

The New York Round Table proved to be a great opportunity for everyone to converse, learn, share their ideas and experience with knowledgeable Italian businessmen from various industrial backgrounds. This conference signifies a great start for the Italian business community to rethink their business strategy and innovative approach towards competing with the emerging markets globally.