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Saturday August 11, 2007

€30 million to go to vocational training for Italians abroad


Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Franco Danieli Extends New Services to Compatriots


”The announcement published by the Ministry of Labour marks the conclusion of a complex work aimed at introducing substantial novelties and breaking with past experiences,” reads a note by Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Franco Danieli, in charge of Italians abroad.
“We ran a study through the Consular network and the COMITES to assess the real need for vocational training of Italians living outside the EU; this important funding - €30 million – must go toward satisfying that need.”
Target countries include Algeria (€900,000), Argentina (€7 million), Australia (€650,000), Brazil (€5 million), Canada (€600,000), Chile (€1.3 million), Colombia (€800,000), Eritrea (€400,000), the Philippines (€350,000), Morocco (€450,000), Mexico (€900,000), South Africa (€800,000), Switzerland (€5.5 million), Turkey (€350,000), Uruguay (€2.5 million), and Venezuela (€2.5 million).
“We shall be vigilant,” concluded Danieli, “to ensure that the projects submitted to the judgement of the Technical Committee will really be useful and suitable to achieve the training goals that the law set and that prompted the Ministry of Labour announcement.”