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Saturday February 9, 2008

Ciim Canada Awards Gala dinner

Event will recognize Italian entrepreneurs who have made a positive difference
By Simona Giacobbi


The Ciim Canada 2007 Awards Gala Dinner is an event to celebrate the Italian entrepreneurs and people who have had success in Canada. The Gala will take place at the Riviera Park Banquet Hall on Feb. 19, and will be presented by Ciim Canada (Confederazione degli imprenditori italiani nel mondo sezione Canada – Confederation of Italian Entrepreneurs in Canada) and by Multimedia Nova Corporation featuring Corriere Canadese and Tandem.
It will be an occasion to also celebrate the first year of Ciim's initiatives in Toronto. The confederation was born to make Italian companies’ development through international trade easier, says Leonardo Kosarew, who’s the president of Ciim Canada and of Ciim Coordinating Committee for North America, and vice president and co-founder of Ciim Italy. “On Mar. 9, 2007 has been signed the agreement with Confapi (Confederazione italiana della piccola e media industria privata – Italian Confederation of Small and Medium Private Industry) which starts Ciim worldwide activity. The night will be an occasion to balance the yearlong confederation activity and to plan the future.”
The event will be also a chance to rise funds for the Universal Youth Foundation, a not for profit organization committed to help poor children all around the world, and to celebrate Italian culture, "Guests will be enchanted by Michelangelo Carbonara's music. He's a 26- year-old internationally famous Italian pianist, who Quirino Principe, a music critic, defines as one of the greatest talented musicians in the last 40 years," says Kosarew. "Then he will perform with Denis Gagne, who's the rock singer from Montreal who is famous for his worldwide success on The Musical Box, a show based on the music of Genesis, and in which he interpreted Peter Gabriel. It’s an extravagant mix of classic and rock music.”
The of the night will be the Awards of Excellence.The award, sponsored by the Italian Prime Minister’s office, should be held in the presence of the Italian undersecretary of the presidency of the Ministries’ Council. But his presence is not confirmed yet due to the Italian political crisis.

The awards were designed by Massimo Malacrida, an Italian designer graduated in architecture at the Politecnico of Milan, and will be assigned to the nominees who were voted by Ciim’s members. There are 11 nominees, six of whom are women and five are men, and they were chosen by a special Committee for their commitment in 2007. Among the candidates, Mario Cortellucci, who’s the president of the Cortelli Group and the founder and the chairman of the Universal Youth Foundation, won the 2007 Entrepreneur Award. He will be presented by Lou Maroun, who’s the president of Ing Real Estate Canada. He was born in Villa Cortellucci (Teramo) on Ago. 11, 1949. He’s married to Ginesia Bussoli and he has four sons. He’s the executive vice president of Ciim and he’s the classic example of a businessman in Canada.
Teresa Cascioli from the Teresa Cascioli Charitable Foundation is the female winner of the 2007 Entrepreneur Award. After getting her degree at McMaster University in 1983, she was CEO of Lakeport Brewing form 1999 to April 2007. She served as a member of the direction’s council off the Brewers Association of Canada. Nick Simone, the president of the Walton Capital Management, will hand her the prize. The other female candidates were Lori Abittan, who’s the president and CEO of Multimedia Nova Corporation, Julie Rusciolelli, who’s the president of the Maverick Public Relations Inc., Marita Zaffiro, who’s the owner and the president of Marchese Healthcare, Manuela Marcheggiani, who’s CEO and co-founder of the Isomers Laboratories, and Nancy Adamo, who’s the owner and president of Hockley Valley Resort.
The other male candidates up for the award were Dino Chiesa, who’s the president of the direction’s council of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Primo di Luca, who’s the president of the P.I. di Luca Associates, Dominic Meffe, who’s the president of the Monte Carlo Inns, and Fabio Cavaggioni, who’s the president and CEO of te INQuattro Fashion Group.
There will be two special prizes. The first one is the 2007 Ciim Canada Ambassador Award, which will be given to Andrea Bargnani, who’s the Italian basket player for the Toronto Raptors; he had an important role as Italian sports ambassador in the Italian-Canadian community. He played for the Benetton Treviso team during the 2005/2006 season, but on June 2006 he was chosen by the Toronto Raptors team as their first choice. Bargnani will be introduced by Craig Forrest, who’s one of the most famous goalkeepers of the Canadian National Soccer team from 1988 to 2002. He played in the major leagues in England with Chelsea.

The 2007 Ciim Canada Giovanni Caboto Award was won by Frances Tibollo, who’s a young Italian-Canadian girl founder of the Oaklands Foundation, which is a not for profit organization committed to the education and the development of developing countries.
Among the guests expected are Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty.

Ciim Canada 2007 Awards Gala Dinner will be held at Riviera Parque Banquet Hall, 2800, Highway 7 West, Concord, on Feb. 19. Cocktails: 6:30 p.m. Dinner:7:30 p.m.