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Saturday June 28, 2008

Leonardo Kosarew, Chairman CIIM Canada, awarded in New York

Last June 17th in New York at St John’s University, ILICA Foundation* presented an Award to Leonardo Kosarew, Chairman CIIM Canada, for his efforts in promoting Italian culture in Canada.

Is a great honour receive such recognition and I'm so thankfull to ILICA and Cav. Vincenzo Marra, that are doing a tremendous job in building this cultural network” said Leonardo, “ Sometime we are so arrogant thinking that young generations can easily understand our language and this is so untrue. We need to talk their language, offering them contemporary artistic and cultural expressions that could be of their interest. Doing so, we will be able to promote Italian culture, keeping those generations close to our traditions and our Country, the same generations that maybe are not talking anymore Italian or never travelled to Italy.”





* ILICA Foundation  mission is to work to strengthen the image of Italians in the world, by emphasizing the nobility of their origins, their traditions, history and culture : this is the goal of ILICA, who aims to inscribe this message in the conscience of the younger generations through the scholastic system and above all through the teaching of the Italian language