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Thursday October 9, 2008

CIIM Cleveland Publishes Information on Ohio's Economy

Ohio’s Economy

While some of us might view Ohio as part of the rust belt and a state that has seen better days, upon reviewing a booklet put out by the Ohio Department of Development, I wanted to share a few facts. Ohio is the only state in the country whose exports have grown every year for the last ten years. Ohio is the 25th largest economy in the world and among the nation’s leader in corporate headquarters with 28 Fortune 500 companies housed here. There are at least 600 foreign based corporations from 28 countries operating in Ohio, with more than 1,000 facilities employing between 180,000 and 200,000 people. Ohio ranked 6th in the U.S. in 2006 in the number of new university-generated startup companies. In turn, Ohio now leads the Midwest in the growth of venture capital investments in the biosciences.