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Wednesday October 1, 2008

CIIM Canada & Istituto Italiano di Cultura Toronto proudly presents: PFM in concert

The legendary Italian progressive rock band is back in Toronto


PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI IN CONCERT IN TORONTOCIIM Canada, Leonardo Kosarew President, and the Istituto Italiano di Cultura are pleased to present PFM, Premiata Forneria Marconi - the legendary Italian progressive rock band, returning to Toronto for an unforgettable concert. The show is a journey through their extraordinary career. PFM – Thirty five years and one minute, (PFM 35 ...e un minuto) the title of the concert refers to a career that spanned 35 years and started with their first record "History of a minute" (Storia di un minuto).

Tuesday, November 25, 2008 
The Music Hall on Danforth  -147 Danforth Avenue, Toronto 
Doors open at 7:00 pm 
Concert begin at 8:00 pm

, the most important Italian progressive rock band in history, developed a style which is uniquely Italian while maintaining links with the rest of the prog world. A lyrical, romantic and delicate music, full of fineness. A great melodic and instrumental richness, somptuous compositions and arrangements. The instrumentation is superb with fluid guitar, highly original synthesizer sounds, beautiful violin and flute, and ethereal vocals that are so important to the music.

Sometimes compared with the early KING CRIMSON, the group had its own musical personality, with its elegant music that propelled them to global success and popularity. In 1975 Melody Maker, the well known UK music magazine, placed them at 2nd place in “Brightest Hope” chart, where 1st place was for Camel, 3rd for Supertramp and 5th for Eagles. Recording internationally for Manticore, the Emerson, Lake&Palmer’s owned label, being produced by Pete Sinfield, the poet of King Crimson who also wrote English lyrics for them, they entered Billboard charts in 1973 with the album Photos of Ghosts that got the award in Japan as the best album of the year. 

"Per Un Amico" ("Photos of Ghosts") and "L'Isola di Niente" as well as their first, "Storia di un Minuto" are all virtual classics of progressive music, obviously influenced by early King Crimson and Genesis yet sounding nothing like them.

“PFM is a testimony to the greatness of European classic and progressive rock. They have all of their old finesse, one of the finest, kindest and most talented bunch of ‘real’ musicians ever seen on stage.”

Present membrers of the band are: 

- Franco Mussida: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, 12 string guitar, mandolin, vocals (1970 - present)
- Franz Di Cioccio: drums, percussion, lead and backing vocals (1970 - present)
- Patrick Djivas: bass, programming (1974 - present)
- Lucio Fabbri: violin, keyboards (1979-1987)(2000 - present )
- Gianluca Tagliavini: piano, Hammond, Minimoog, other keyboards (2005-present)
- Piero Monterisi: additional drums (2006-present)

Opening act for the PFM concert will be Low Level Flight.
Low Level Flight are stellar songwriters who have created a powerful, hook laden sound with major league production that compliments the bittersweet lyrics and catchy songwriting. Their debut album, Urgency, released in Canada in 2007, features the singles Say and Change For Me, which climbed the radio charts and spawned #1 videos on MuchMoreMusic. The band released their third single, Turnaround, in June 2008.

TICKETS ( available starting September 2nd )
Main Floor and Front Balcony: 50$ plus applicable taxes and service fee
Rear Balcony 40$ plus applicable taxes and service fee
Online - and  
At Music Hall's Box Office, 147 Danforth st - Toronto
At Sanremo Records, 3650 Langstaff, Vaughan, 416-7434170
At MVP- 604 College st, Toronto, 416-5346121